Often times on a tour you get to see something you didn’t expect. Today was one of those times. Near the entrance to the underground city at Derinkuyu was a church. It has cross shaped windows as you will see from the photo. It is a Greek Orthodox Church built in the 19th century as a concession (the tour guide thinks that is the right word) to the Greek community living in the town. After the population exchange in 1923 it was closed. One day a year it opens when the descendants of these Greek families come back to visit. Unfortunately there is a lot of smutty graffiti on the exterior walls. We were not able to see in, but a couple of young tour guides in the making told us all about it. Unfortunately it was in Turkish, but our guide explained later.

One of our tour guides. I need to learn how to turn these photos around.


  A view through the keyhole.

And here’s a photo of me with a couple of camels. Yes, it really was that cold.  


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