London, not what it was….

Back in the day, Chucko and I would go down to London now and then to see a show, sightsee, etc. If we stayed overnight we spent 7 pounds on a B&B in Sussex Gardens or splurge for an en suite room for 19 at the Columbia House. This past weekend I treated my family in London. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to do this and was prepared for sticker shock, but mamma Mia! Not what it was. The other observation I made was the streets looked like they were vomiting people. Hoards, and hoards. Chinatown and Soho looked like a disrupted ant hill.

On the other hand, we were in town to enjoy Harry Potter. If you go to London, even if you’ve never read the books, I recommend the Muggle Walking Tour. It’s 2.5 hours of everything you wanted to know about HP, but didn’t know you needed to know. Our guide was gangs of fun. He had us laughing all the time with his animated personality. Bonnie and Ryan were afraid the boys would go home with him.

More later!


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