It’s the Bunrattiest!

I booked a rail tour that started at 7:00 Monday morning. Train to Limerick where we met our coach for the rest of the day. First stop was Bunratty Castle. It was built in the 15th c., but abandoned in the 19th. Purchased by a gentleman who restored the roof and furnished it with period pieces from all over Europe. Besides tours, it’s also used for medieval banquets. Back in the day the defenders of the castle slept in th great room. Soldiers on one side, officers on the other by the fireplace. Still cold and drafty.

The gentleman brought in cottages, houses, shops, a school, etc and set up an outdoor museum such as the Skansen in Sweden. As it is winter most if the shops are not open, but you can step inside the the furnished cottages and houses to get an idea of life back in the day. Most of them had a peat fire burning in the fireplaces.

From there we drove to Doolin for a pub lunch. While it wasn’t that cold, there was a strong wind that made it feel very cold. This next photo is by the Atlantic Ocean. There is a leprechaun treading water at the end of that rainbow with his pot of gold.



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