The Panto

Britains put on pantomimes every year in January. These are traditional stories from childhood set with lots of humor and singing. There has to be a “Panto Dame” and must be played by a man for laughs. Sometimes there is a dancing pony played by two people. No two productions are ever the same as audience participation is strongly encouraged. If a character is sneaking up behind another it is perfectly ok to call out “He’s behind you!”. 

Bonnie wrote and directed this years panto for Bath Drama based on Babes in Toyland. A cast of 15 talented and enthusiastic amateur performers did a wonderful and highly entertaining show. The panto dame took the original story to a new level, especially since Ed Wynn, from the 1961 Disney film wasn’t available for the role of the toy maker. The toy maker in Bonnie’s show had to be more serious as a result.

Have worked out the problems I had writing the blog. Just need to sort out how to send my photos to the iPad from my camera. 

Check back soon!


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