Getting Close!

I have just over a week before I board the first flight of the trip. There have been a few changes to my plans. Sadly, my friend Sandy is not able to meet me in London and travel by train to Istanbul. However, I have planned a different itinerary and feel pleased that I will still have a good time.

I have been busy calling my utilities to put almost everything on a seasonal hold. This will cost $5-10 a month, but is considerably cheaper than paying for services I won’t be using. The gas company will turn off my service while I am gone, but keep my account opened. I need to figure out where the main water tap is so I can turn that off right before I head out the door. Penny has a vaccine app’t with the vet and will be up to date with all she needs while she spends the winter in Washington DC with my daughter and her cat Louis.

Packing began many weeks ago. I just opened my suitcase and began to fill it with items I needed take, like prescriptions for meds and glasses, assorted plugs and adapters and my new underwear. I’ve been packing my Kindle with new books to read along the trip including Lonely Planet guides.

Still need to call my bank to let them know where I will be traveling. I’m getting my tax information together so it can be filed while I am gone. I’ve chosen a school with a 3 week course to study Thai massage in Chiang Mai. The next available course is March/April so it looks like that will be toward the end of my trip.

Buon viaggo!


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