I thought it would be a good idea to visit my doctor prior to leaving on the Big Trip. I needed to get a prescription for my meds and thought I should ask about vaccinations. I did not consider that some require a course of inoculations such as Heps A&B. Hepatitis B is spread through blood. Hep A is spread via contact with fecal matter. The disease can pass via skin contact with an infected person to food or a simple handshake. Another good reason to wash hands before you eat and to wash fruits before peeling them, etc. Another bit of advise is to not eat anything that can’t be peeled or cooked. And ALWAYS DRINK BOTTLED WATER!!!

I already have Hep B, but my doctor recommended A as I will be traveling to some “funky places”. Hep A requires 2 shots, 6 months apart. Thanks to the Minut Clinic at my local drug store I was able to get the first part of Hep A. I get the second part after I return. Check out the CDC website for more information.

I also got the vaccine for tuberculosis. I have an order in for malaria tablets. From listening to my doctor’s experience with malaria, the disease may not kill you, but you might want it to!

As you begin to plan your trip you want to see what vaccines are required and do your research to find out when you need to get them. My last bit of advice is to close your eyes and go to your happy place while the needle goes in.



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