Medical Preparations for My Trip

As the widow of an AF retiree I have health insurance for life. Yay me! So today I called the company to ask a few questions.

  1. Will my existing health care cover me on my trip? According to the representative, yes. I will need my military ID card to access care. He also mentioned a “wallet card” that I can download to take with me with more information.
  2. I take meds every day for a couple of health issues. What about bringing enough to cover me while I am gone? The rep said my primary care provider can authorize this. Hmmmm…… I have some doubts on this, but will be checking it out.
  3. I use a CPAP when I sleep. However, the machine cannot be plugged in while traveling in a plane or a train. The rep said I could call the the office that manages my equipment and they will supply me with a device that I can use. I’m a bit skeptical, but will be checking into this too. There are some devices that do not use electricity that are available. It would be nice to “cut the cord” and not have another bag to drag on this trip.

The rep also suggested getting a physical exam done before I go. This will be on my list of things to do in December. Hey! Looks like I need to make a check list by month of things I need to do.

Check back to see what I find out.

Buon viaggio!



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