Decisions, decisions

So far I have purchased airfare for my first 3 flights. The first one gives me enough points on Southwest for a free round trip later. I paid for my second flight with Citi rewards points. The third one is a round trip from Bristol, UK to Dublin, Ireland on Ryan Air. The plan is to have all my travel paid before I leave. Next up is a series of trains to Bucharest.

Now that I’m committed to Ireland I need to make plans. I arrive on a Sunday evening and have 3 full days to see what I can see. Coach tours have pros and cons, but as I only have a few short days there it would be the best use of limited time. Things to see and do in Ireland are often out of town. I could rent a car, but I really don’t want to. There’s the cost and there’s negotiating city streets in old world countries. With a coach tour you know you will get there and back without a GPS. Don’t have to find a place to park, either.

I’ve looked into several companies that offer two day tours. One offers overnight lodging at a hostel. This does not appeal as it’s a dorm style room with everyone. Where possible they can offer one a room for just women. There may have been a time when this would have been OK. Now it isn’t. There is another company that takes you by train and then coach. I could go with that one, though the accommodations are corporate hotels and I was hoping to stay in a B&B. Other options are to travel to Galway on my own, check with Tourist Info for tours out of the city, and wander about on my own. I think I will stop here to do some more research.


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