Tuk Tuks

Named for the sound these little vehicles make, tuk tuks are taxis in Southern Asia. They have a small motorcycle motor, 3 wheels, a front seat for the driver and a rear seat for passengers. I doubt you could get one licensed and insured for use in the US. However, they move people, their shopping … More Tuk Tuks


Often times on a tour you get to see something you didn’t expect. Today was one of those times. Near the entrance to the underground city at Derinkuyu was a church. It has cross shaped windows as you will see from the photo. It is a Greek Orthodox Church built in the 19th century as … More Serendipity

The Hamman

Today’s post will be minus photos. I’m doing you a favor. One of the things you should do on a visit to Turkey is visit a Hammam. Traditional baths where one can get so clean you squeak on the way home. There is one down the hill from my studio rental that is used by … More The Hamman

The Sulanamet

This is the oldest part of Istanbul. Also know as Constantinople. It’s where the bombing occurred a few weeks ago. However, when you visit Istanbul you must see the sites here. My tour consisted of our guide and a fellow from Xian. We started at the Blue Mosque. (Tip: women should have a scarf with … More The Sulanamet

Getting Lost

I am staying in a vacation rental in Istanbul. Had I seen the neighborhood I might have chosen elsewhere, but prior guests say it is very safe. The studio apartment is in a basement in what in the US would pass for an ally. It’s a traditional Greek and Jewish neighborhood. I will try to … More Getting Lost


I think my title is Gaelic for welcome, minus some accents. I arrived in Dublin last night after my penultimate flight on Ryan Air. It was also my first flight with this airline. I remember the good ole days of flying when we rode 1st class since my dad worked as a radio technician for … More Failte

The Panto

Britains put on pantomimes every year in January. These are traditional stories from childhood set with lots of humor and singing. There has to be a “Panto Dame” and must be played by a man for laughs. Sometimes there is a dancing pony played by two people. No two productions are ever the same as … More The Panto